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The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour
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Garth Brooks and friends have a blast in first Heinz Field show

If you heard “Friends in Low Places” all the way up in Allentown, in Perryopolis, maybe even Point Breeze, that was just Garth and 75,000 of his best friends. They were THAT loud.

Having played Pirate at spring training, Garth Brooks set up shop in the south end zone of Steelers Nation Saturday in his first Pittsburgh stadium concert. As you may have heard, a hundred times, it was not only the biggest concert but the biggest event in Heinz Field history, making it also the biggest ticketed show in Pittsburgh history.

That 64,000 that packed into Three Rivers Stadium for the epic Springsteen show in ‘85? Add another 10,000 or so to that. Or one of those adorable Taylor Swift shows? Add 20,000.

What’s the big deal about Garth Brooks? Besides being such an all-around American guy?

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