What was already declared "The Most Sought-After Vinyl Of 2019," THE LEGACY COLLECTION is the Garth Brooks catalog now available on vinyl for the first time! This career defining collection includes 3 different boxed sets: Limited Edition, Original Analog Edition & Digitally Remixed/Remastered Edition, AND each box is individually numbered. Your collection will be one-of-a kind having the SAME number on each boxed set. Each edition features 5 hit albums including No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses & Triple Live plus CDs with bonus tracks for a total of 7 vinyl albums & 7 CDs in each edition. This boxed set will be produced only once; it has taken over 8 months to manufacture in over 4 different countries, and each box will be hand packed. It’s the perfect gift for the one getting the gift and the one GIVING the gift!! – The Legacy Collection – Take a look at all it includes!